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Little Angel

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Jul 28, 2003
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Lincolnshire, England
Hi guys

i know this is not a nail question but i would like any feedback possible please. I am looking into the roller waxing and i would like to know if you have used it and which are the best brands?? Looking at Deplieve, clean & easy and phd at the mo. Does anyone know any others??

Thanks loads!
Tracy.... Hive of Beauty do one! (Beauty Express / Ellisons Mail Order)
The Hive one heats 6 x 80g cartridges....but no small size ones as the Clean and Easy one does. Also I understand that there is an Australian Bodycare system similar to the PHD system. (disposable heads and tubes etc....)
I use a traditional pot wax for Bikini, underarm, facial areas but find the Clean and Easy better, quicker and far less messy for larger areas.(legs, arms, backs etc....)
I know there was some "to-do" about the hygiene aspect of the Clean and Easy but I must admit I purchased several roller heads to ensure adequate sterilisation of the heads between clients. I have even started to "reserve" a cartridge for regular waxing clients and by that I mean I just attach a name to the cartridge (cross referencing it on their record card helps too!) and save it exclusively for that client.
I immerse each head after use (and cleaning the wax off it of course!!!!) in a solution of Barbicide for the recommended time and then dry them.
Hope this helps some :)
Hi Tracy,

Roller systems are very popular over here in Au and as it's warm all the time waxing is the biggest service we do. I have used a couple of systems - the Phd being one of them and to be honest I didn't like it. The flow of wax is not always consistent and I didn't rate the wax that came in the tubes - although whether or not you can get different types and qualities of wax for it I'm not sure.

We use a locally owned (WA) roller system, although I'm sure there is a similar system in England, which has flip up doors on each side and can hold about eight 80g cartridges at a time. It also has the small roller heads - about one inch wide - to use on the trickier areas but I tend to prefer a good quality hot wax for facial, u/a and bikini anyway as the clients definitely think it hurts less and that brings them back! The only negative thing about this system is the cleaning - they recommend a cleaning oil to clean the roller heads in between use and it does work but obviously it isn't as 'sterile' as having a disposable head for each client but as Jackie said, you can immerse each head in antibac anyway.

Hope this helps a little!

Also - I forgot to mention that when doing large amounts of waxing it works out way cheaper than a traditional stip wax pot - no disposable spatulas, really thin application of wax and it's sooo much quicker with less mess!! (I would be lost without my roller system!)


Thanks guys! i have looked at the depilieve it holds 2 cartridges and the heads are roller disposable cost about 35p each wax is £1.20 does that sound good??

just to bump this up! any more sugestions??

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