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Nov 7, 2014
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So, I have the serious hots for my bro's friend. Let's call him Paul...

But I do his hair. So wasn't gonna make a tit out of myself and make any moves.

Went out and met up with my brother and his mates, Paul was there.

Paul and I ended up losing my bro and while looking for him, Paul made a few, very serious jokes about going back to his. And I'm seriously kicking myself as I'm waiting for a wax

Anywhos we go home to our own homes and things get hot via text etc. I'm all like woohoo!

So I text the next day saying was it the drink talking?

And Pauls all like no, but it'd be awkward and how we can be friends etc.

Now I'm pretty disappointed.

Do I, completely leave it. Just cut his hair, nothing more. Or do I hang out as friends, make him realise how freaking amazing I am. Or do I hang out and make a move?

I literally cannot get him off my mind since I realised that it's not completely one sided.

I did a couple of card readings for myself and Paul was on my mind and the 'new love' card came out. Upside down.
And I did a stupid 'what's the first letter of your true loves name' and 'P' came out.

I wanna respect that he thinks it won't be a good idea. But I also just wanna try and see if it's a good or bad idea. At least if its a bad idea he won't be on my mind 24/7
Put your 'boy's head' on and you will understand the situation as he sees it ... if he wanted it to go further he would absolutely definitely have said so.

Put on your best face, cut his hair, feel sad for a while, and keep a hold of your dignity ... eventually how you feel will pass .... or he will realise by himself that he actually does want to take things further with you and then - happy days.

There are worse things in this world than a man or woman throwing themselves at someone who isn't really interested in them, but for damaging one's own self-esteem this is right up at the top of the pile.

Choose wisely xx
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I feel like you were supposed to lose your brother that night so you could be alone together.

I'd hang out with him and make him realise how amazing you are, make sure he doesn't just want one thing so you don't make a fool out of yourself! Then make a move!

The universe is on your side!
Totally agree with all that's been said.

Go out, look fab, be scintillating company and let him see how gorgeous you are.

And let us know how it all goes ;)
It's sounds like he was testing the water with those few jokes about going back to his and maybe when you turned him down his pride was hurt a little. Rejection is a hard pill to swallow.
Also maybe he's thinking of his friend and doesn't want to make things awkward by having a fling with his friends sister?
I would just carry on as normal, be amazing and let him realise what he's missing. If it's meant to be it will be if you are both serious about each other....otherwise is it worth it just for a quick fling if it's only the one thing he's after and the possibility of things being awkward in the future?

He now knows your not that easy to catch, nothing worth having comes easy so relax and just see what happens. I would rather know that he's willing to make the effort and not just rely on a few well timed jokes and a bit of steamy texting to get anywhere with me!

He also may have thought it was the drink talking from your side too?! Good luck x
I think it was a really good thing that you didn't go back with him because believe it or not, that makes them more keen! I think he feels like he has been knocked back because you wouldn't go back. Read the book "why men love bitches" it has good light hearted dating advice and helps you stay in control and is good advice! I would hang out as friends and see what happens! Xxx
I say leave it. Way too many unknowns and complications.
Similar situation for me 10 years ago…except it was MY best friend, not my brother's…anyway long story short, we got married 4 years ago!! Step back, keep him keen, and if its going to happen, it will happen naturally… Keep us posted!!

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