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Room for rent


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Sep 16, 2010
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There is a beautifully decorated room available within a hotel healthclub (greater manchester). The hotel books in spa packages which keep the room extremely busy, and rent is only £50/wk including water, electric etc...

Ideal for a therapist looking to begin a ventre and room is all set up with clients, equipment etc...

This is currently my room and I would work with you until you were confident.

I am leaving due to pregnancy!
Let me know if you want more details

I have just emailed you re this room x
hi is this room still avialable
hi im not sure if emily will see this but no its not available im afraid, im in the room that was advertised above now but i am sure there is a spa opening in altrincham advertised on here that may have something for you or you could try gumtree, what part of manchester are you looking for? i saw lots of places before i found this one. x
Hi, could you tell me more information about the room. Where abouts in manchester is it? Thanks.
is the room still avalible for rent
If this room is no longer for rent, why is it still advertised?

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