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Aug 16, 2003
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I wonder if anyone can help with a quick question on room temperature and gel products? What happens if the room is too hot or too cold, what effect would it have?

Sorry to sound so dumb but havent experienced any problems with my products just wanted to be on the look out in case my room is too cold or too hot.

Thank you
I am qualified by LCN and im sure I remember being told if u are woring in a very warm room then the gel may hav a looser consistency.
if the room is warm the gel will be runnier and if its cold it will be thicker
if its too thick to work with then i warm mine up in my hands for a few mins
i keep my gels at an even room temp for best results!
Temperature can affect any kind of product.
The warmer it is, the less viscous (easier it will flow) the product will be, the colder it is, the more viscous (resistance to flowing) it will be.

Some products, will become frozen when they reach their freezing point (duh ;) ). Though we all think that is at 0C, it is different for every liquid. Primers and traditional monomers have very high freezing points (around 4C).

Hope this helps
I personally find that clients with bad circulation (cold hands) result in slower self levelling with gels. I use a yoghurt maker to gently warm my gels in if it is a problem - or you can lift the client's hand near the light which warms it a bit too.

If you are mobile - try not to leave them in the car.

Some l & p manufacturers put chrystallization down to temperature, but I have not experienced it with the products I use.
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