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Dinky Geek
Oct 24, 2003
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I have found a room to rent in a hairdressers in Winchester and i am wondering if anyone in the Hampshire area would be interested in maybe working with me if i rent it?
Not sure if i am ready for this venture but it is a possiblity and no harm done by looking into this!
Let me know what you think...
Denise sawasdee ka

i read many all of your post if i was in England i would do for sure .

Write everything down cost i know to the 1 baht how much is to go out every month rent electric water salarys so if something happen like b4 have sars and no customers i know how long i can open b4 shop dead .

This will make you take care money and save for future and make you work harder for promote shop and get customer .

Some times if we have something in our heart we must do and some times is scare but for you look already about this you must want in your heart .

So i speak write down every thing money t go out and if you think you can make buissness and make money and enjoy doing do not scare or speak not ready try .

And work everything you learn on this board .

mui from Thailand
Just bumping this back up...just in case!!!! lol
If i lived on the mainland, and not on the isle of wight, i might have been interested!! Im sure theres someone out there who will be interested. Good luck!

xx michelle
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