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Shelley Clarke

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Jan 19, 2004
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Has anyone experienced pushy, arrogant sales reps. I have an am not too pleased with the way our rep does business. The salon i work in has just purchased manicure, pedicure and l&p system from this company. I must say the manicure and pedicure stuff is lovely but having problems with the l&p system. The sales rep just popped in the other day whilst i had a client in and asked me how i was getting on with the new system, i replied i wasn't and was having problems with it. He said there is no problem with our products its the nail technician. I was rather annoyed as i had a client in and felt he was very rude. My colleague told him to stop trying to sell us products as we had enough to get on with. He said he'd be in the area again in 6 weeks if we needed to order stuff. We told him that sometimes we needed stuff ordering before this time and his reply was if clients want products tell them they'll have to wait. I have already e-mailed this company re the problems i'm having and am still waiting for a reply which is over 2 weeks ago.

Anyway i've said my piece. Anyone else experienced these sort of problems.

surely this guy should have only spoken to the owner/manageress, he definatly should not be allowed to approach a tech if she has a client, totally unprofessional, he needs his wings clipped and a stint in charm school may help him.
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