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Apr 6, 2012
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Does anyone out there use there salon advance system for marketing.

After having the system for 2 years I have just had a refresh training session with James on how to set up my messages and client filters.

I just want to know if anyone has any good ideas on marketing messages that have worked well for them?

If there's a way of seeing if a client hasn't been in for a period of time say 6months you could send through a 'we'd love to see you again' offer with a discount code? That the sort of thing you were thinking?
Hi, yeh i have now had a little more training on the system from james and the filter in the marketing section is fantastic.
You can see what client has bought what, there last visit, best selling items and worst selling items and so much more.

I did my first message last week to 500 clients and the phone has not stopped ringing since!!!
Im now fully booked for the next 4 weeks, best thing I have ever done.
That's brilliant-is be so bad at getting my hair done if I didn't work in a salon! Sometimes people just need a reminder!

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