Salon Owners. Rent a table or % basis. Which one?


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Aug 2, 2010
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Hi all,

We are opening a new salon in the Winter and due to being gazumped on a small but perfect sized unit we have now got another one. Unfortunately the rent is nearly double the price of the previous but is twice as big and has two seperate rooms inside, one will be used as a spray tan room and the other as a beauty room. We will have a Full-Time Tech/Beautician paid a salary and need another
Which would be the biggest help to us.......

1. Rent a nail station weekly to a tech and either provide products/use own

2. Do a 50/50 60/40 % split on takings with a nail tech dependent on whos supplying the products

3. Rent out one of the rooms to a beautician just for a couple of days as we will need the room ourselves.

4. Do a % on taking with a beautician in the room.

Which would be the most cost effective?

Anyone out there who owns a salon and either rents a room or does a % basis how does it work with clients? Do i expect them to source there own. If joe bloggs walks in off the street does my girl who works on my payroll automatically get priority to that client?

I want to make sure its fair for everyone for a happy professional workplace. Can anyone help/suggestions?

Thank You Muchly!!! xxx

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