Salon Products

Hi all this is my first post bascially myself and a good friend have decided to take the plunge and train up to become beauty therapist (we have been wanting to train for years!!! kids, money etc stopped us!) Anyways we are getting together as much info on everything buisness side aswell this may seem and strange questions but how do you approach a skincare/nails/cosmectic company to use there products in you salon and also to sell there products in store??

Many Thanks

when i set up my salon, I just rang the companys i was interested in, explained my situation, im opening a salon etc, and could i have some more information and a brochure about their products and prices. Although most distributors will only sell professional products and give out their information/prices to those who are already qualified. x
Thank you truthfully we wont approach anyone until we qulifiy we are just trying to get as much info as poss.

Thank You So Much :)

Your welcome. Goodluck with your venture! hope you enjoy your course. this site is a fantastic place for extra help, meeting people in similar situations and everything else in between :) x