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Apr 8, 2007
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Does anyone use their products and what do you think of them.
i had a set done with salon system and it was quite cloudy? NSI is a nice brand to work with, and obviously the big names like creative (other fellow nail techs i know love ezflow).
Salon system is very budget, and you get what you pay :suprised:
What sort of products hun? Their manicure / pedicure range is perfectly nice but I can't comment on their enhancement products as I've not used them :)
yes the gel and acrylic etc
I only use Creative, for nails, but I do use their lash tints.
I don't use any products that my clients can purchase easily themselves at the wholesale outlet. Salon Systems fall into this category!!

If you want to be considered a professional, then using professional brands that are only sold to professionals is a far better route to take in my opinion. Depends where you want to place yourself in the market.

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