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Oct 3, 2013
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Hi guys,

I have a client who has fine hair (but quite strong), previously coloured to a level 5, naturally a level 7. Her hair lifts quite easily and she is keen to get back to her blonde hair but has spent alot of time nursing her hair back to good health so is wanting to do it whilst maintaining the integrity of the hair as much as possible. I haven't had alot of experience using blondeme as we've only just started using the schwartzkopf. I was going to use the 6% developer but wondered if I could get away with using 2%? Would it give me enough lift or should I stick with the 6%?
I haven't heard many good things about blondeme, hopefully some other geeks can comment the reasons. Sorry not much help x
Hi there, I use a few different bleaches and one of them being the Blonde Me range, especially when I want a bit more power with low vol BUT it is still a bleach and if your client has very fine, fragile hair I would definitely do a test strand first. I have been on the search for a number of years since arriving in the uk for a fantastic on-scalp bleach and this and Wella blondor are so far my faves.
Thanks girls,
Sugarplum, her hair isn't baby fine by any stretch, just slightly finer but lots of it. It's super strong for finer hair, she's a former blonde and it was in great condition :)

For future reference is there another brand you'd consider to be really nice and gentle giving a nice clean blonde? I've heard GREAT things about Tigi but can't access that one :(
Loreal infinie platine is fantastic as long as you get the consistency right, and for on scalp applications or working with fragile hair, there's platinium from loreal - it's expensive but it's the absolute creme de la creme! X

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