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Jun 2, 2003
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Hi There,
I just wondered if anyone knows which (if any) of the bigger nail companies are exhibiting at the Scottish beauty show in May? Anyone know if the likes of CND and EZ Flow are going to be there, and if so, who will be representing them?
It would be lovely if we got the chance to see some of the superstars at work up here.
June ;)

The Scottish show is organised by the same people as Birmingham last month. Creative were not there though. Ez flow, allesandro, NSI, LCN and Gina Wallace
were there. Not sure if us Scottish girls will see anyone famous in May.
All I can say right now everyone is, watch this space!! The Glasgow Show normally held in September has been cancelled so there is some likelyhood of us attending!! I have just tried to get more info from someone but they are not answering the phone!!:rolleyes: ! I will let you know ASAP I promise!!!;)
does anyone know what date in May and the location of the scottish beauty show?
Thanks Mrs Geek, will now be keeping fingers crossed!
Northern Geek, the show is on Sunday 16th may,(10am - 4pm) and is being held at the Royal Highland Centre, which is right on the doorstep of Ingleston. If you are going, just follow the signs for Ingleston, and you won't go wrong-the parking is very good too.
luv June. ;)
Sorry Northern Geek,
I forgot to say , Ingleston is on the outskirts of Edinburgh. (you probably already know that, but thought I would clarify just in case)
luv June. ;)
thanks June yes i know exactly where it is and will be going as its nearer to me than london........
Mrs Geek have you had any luck with Scottish Beauty??

If you go to, then click on 'Scottish Beauty' you will get registration details, lecture programme etc...
Mrs Geek said:
...The Glasgow Show normally held in September ...QUOTE]

I was quite peed off :evil: last year as the Glasgow show was not advertised ANYWHERE!!!

Even Futurenail didn't do a mailshot to let us know it was on!!!! (and they were supposed to be attending it)

It wasn't in any of the trade mags - I scoured them all summer. I even looked on the SECC website - to no avail. :rolleyes:

If that's how much promo it gets, no wonder it was cancelled.

I think it's really unfair that none of the big companies come up here :mad: .

And why they reckon GMex is "north" - I don't know!!!

Whats the problem with having a big show like Olymipa up here - it's not like it has to last 3 days, even a day event would be good. Not everyone can take a couple of days off to come down there, and then there's the cost of it!!!'s not like there's no market up here!

So why are all the best shows, with the major players , only held in mid to southren England?

Having attended both Olympia and Scottish Beauty last year, I found that up here we didn't even get the same show deals.

So... to all the reps out there PLEASE consider showing up here too - we don't bite you know!!!!
thanks for the link........... i will be there :)
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