Sculpted L&P French.. 1st set in a long time


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Mar 5, 2004
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I completed my training quite a few years ago, but due to fulltime office job have never got in as much practice as I should. I have just started to rope in a collection of guinea pigs to get me going properly on L & P. This was one of my first sets for quite some time and there are quite a few obvious flaws, just wanted some ideas on what I need to work on first when I'm practicing... Please! :)


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I'm no expert hun but if i were you i would get some spare tips and practise the smile lines for a starter, also you need to refine your side walls a little more, some have a little lump instead of been straight and your product needs to be a little thinner at the cuticle area,
hope this helps a little and you don't think i am been horrible, honestly that is not my intention :hug:
i bet after another 4 or 5 sets they will be more or less perfect.
Honestly, for not doing P & W for that long, I'd say that you're nails aren't too shabby. You're just a bit rusty but you will see an improvement with each set you do !!! One suggestion is to files the sides parallel by holding your file straight. I think they are a great length. Practise makes perfect!!! Good for you for getting back into it!!!

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