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Apr 29, 2008
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Bruggen, Germany
Hi guys

i'm really struggling with my sculpts! I apply my white l&p and shape etc, then i create my smile line and add my pink etc.

Once i have filed to shape i see a shadowing under the smile line i have created almost as if the natural nail below is coming through. I have spoken to my course advisors and they have told me to apply more white which i gave a quick go but then the nail is thick and bulky and i sit filing forever!

Also once i have done my smile i get a ridge that seems to shadow once filed again!

Any help is great as it's really getting to me now :cry:
You could be working with your white too wet if its running and you have to keep pushing it back up the form you probably are. Try a drier bead so you can get your smile line in and then work the shape that should help. Google Nail Angel videos and look at Young Nails on youtube they both helped me hth:)x

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