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May 17, 2004
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Don't know if this is a dumb question or not, but why not sculpt always instead of using tips? I've just had a go, had no training with the forms, but read the tutorial on this site and found it fairly easy and liked the results, so hence this begs the question why do we bother with tips? Is it a strength issue, or preference or is there something I am missing?

Hi deb,
horses for courses babe - there are reasons for both applications.
sometimes a clients nails are sooo short that it is tricky (but not impossible) to use forms. i use tips for nail biters.
as i use a gel system, if a client wants very long nails i wouldn't sculpt, purely from a strength point of view.
otherwise i prefer to scuplt - looks so natural!
hope this helps.

love shellie
Hi debs,

I do both tips and sculpts, and i like both, although i found sculpting hard to do at first, but i am getting better. I always feel ive acheived a little bit more when i sculpt, like ive made a little work of art, and i do think they look more natural. A lot of clients feel that sculpts are not as strong as tips but thats a mis-conception as the strength is in the overlay. Also it is a hell of a lot more profitable to sculpt rather than use tips, hope this is a little bit of help!

Michelle. xx
Thanks for the replies, haven't done gel yet but will eventually I guess.

I prefert to sculpt as well, but occasionally I need to apply tips too. I don't think there is anything better than to sculpt a beautiful nail from Plus you get a better C-curve when you sculpt.
Have to say from having a go, and having had no training yet, I do find it quite enjoyable. So you would use tips for someone who has really short nail plate and it was impossible to put a form on. That right?

I tend to tip mainly because I haven't had the correct training yet for sculpting but like you when I tried it I really liked doing it. So much easier than faffin around sizing tips etc. And I was always told if it was a nail biter then you need to tip.....

It also has to do with what nail shape your client has as well. If they have a flat or ski-jump nail then you need to tip rather than sculpt as it would be hard to get a good edge without worrying of product going under form. As someone said previously its better to tip nail biters as they need the extra protection untill their nails grow abit. Plus the tip gel and tips give them a sort of shock absorber to protect the nail as the normallydon't have much at all.
Thanks, what's the best tip for flat nail plates. Both my index fingers are flattish and every time I put a time on there is always more to file down in the middle.


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