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I feel your pain! I work in a walk in service beauty bar in sainsburys. My last client of the day was a nightmare!! She was a lovely lady but had a bored 3 year old sitting on her lap.. it was a file and gel which usually takes me about 20 minutes to do! I have children so I completely understand. The little girl continuously pulled my cardigan sleeve, pulling at mine and her mother hand because she liked my nails. Then pulled my hair because it was pretty. I was kicked, nudged throughout the treatment.. the mum asked for a lightly glittered nail which I dreaded throughout as I knew it would be a disaster.. she pulled the paper towel and the glitter went absolutely everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE!! So I had to redo some of the nails as they were caked in glitter! the whole time my manger was staring at me and I was praying to god she wasn’t going to say anything.. not my best set of nail painted nails.. but I can only do my best given the situation. Afterwards my manager laughed and said you had your hands full there didn’t you Trace? I was relieved to some degree but also worried incase the mum comes back if they weren’t good enough? But what can you do [emoji23]
I honestly think it may have something to do with how little I charge - I feel like maybe if you pay less, you don't look after the nails as much? You're right, I don't want any of her friends as clients if I have to go through this again.

Thats for sure! Clients can respect nails more when they are charged more!! In this case I would give yourself a raise and charge her accordingly. These types of situations with kids are going to happen but should be still be serviceable by charging more and by providing less. Such as no nail art or only extremely simple ones, or gel only, resin only or dry pedicure only. Fingernail/toenail trimming only. Only a few color options etc. It creates less stress and provides a more risk free environment. Your new and that is money to be taken and a demographic that can be tapped into that is a gold mine.
I have told her to go elsewhere previously as she is away from my usual area but she's been pretty blunt in telling me that she won't go anywhere else because I'm cheap and she won't pay full price for something she could do herself. I'm still very new to this and I didn't want to get a bad reputation before I'd even really got started but I think I may just have to be upfront with her about it all - Thank you for your advice :) xx

Well tell her to do them herself then. Ask her to travel to you with no children and see how responsive she is to that. Know it seems harsh but seems like she is taking advantage x
Thank you for the advice - I have sent her a message detailing everything I've mentioned above and why I can't work on her and she's now told me she'll be telling everyone I do terrible work and that whilst my sets look good, they fall off after a day. I guess you can't win them all :)

God she sounds vile!!! Don’t let her knock your confidence, unfortunately you come across people like this you just have to follow your gut and nip that **** in the bud!

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