sculpting with pink and whites ??? help ?


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Feb 28, 2003
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Cannock Staffordshire
hi guys

help is needed here

i have been on gels course and acrylic and have briefly been taught it
but i feel i didnt learn enough
so i contacted grafton to see if they did a course on this alone
they said no it was basically practise and imagination so here i am hands on but i lack imagination lol..

i have watched demos tutorials the lot.. but still frightened to practise on my clients i know it sounds stupid and your all thinking just go for it
but im a bit dizzy when it comes to thinking right what next lol..

i had a brief go with glitter acrylics the other night

but been hearing so much about sculpting on nail biters etc
i have turned clients away becasue they havnt got enough length
so i feel i missing out here

i have just mastered putting the form on
but then what ?
when you talk zones i have only been taught using one zone so dont know what you mean <<durh

so do i apply the white on the form first ?
then pink on pink bit ?
then pink all over ?

how? which way is best ?

60% of my clients have white french tips
there made for them round here

so when you all talk about pink and whites etc
i havnt had much practise in this area

so help please

sorry for all the questions

looking forward to all your replies with loads of helps

thanks in advance

x :(
sorry guys about that last post

i just read it back and i have missed words spelling mistakes the lot

sorry im so tired

plus i have long french tips on finding it hard to type

you know what i meant anyway i think

exscuse the mistakes x
Hi Haylz

have you had a look at the tutorials on this board they're great! You've mastered the hardest bit, getting the form on correctly!

First apply your white to make the free edge, zone 1, then zone 2 which is your stress area, then a smaller ball, zone 3 for your cuticle area! you don't need to put any pink over your white, just have a practise, you'll be fine.

The picture I've seen of your work look good to me D

Keep smiling
Sue x
hi sue

thanks for that

the pics u have seen that i have done

none of them have been scultpted

oh well off to practise

thanks again ;)
Hi Hayley,
Thank you for answering me about the age of your clients. I'm a student nail tech and asked four people the same question but you were the only one who answered.
Regarding pink and whites: For sculpted p & w just get the forms under all ten nails so they are straight and tight with no gap. Then begin building with your white touching the free edge and building out from there. The form becomes your canvas and you can shape the nail as you choose. Then you place a ball of pink next to the smile line. Follow with a smaller, wetter ball near the cuticle and gently draw the liquid acrylic forward and over the white. Finish with a stress ball of clear acrylic for more arch. Begin hand filing.
Practice on a couple of friends and you will have it.
Thank you again for the courtesy of a reply to my questions.
Ginger Vander Yacht [email protected]
Hayden Lake, Idaho USA
I'm in the same position as you still learning sculpting, I have a daughter who bits her nails to her elbow. I did her thumb last week and i'm really pleased with it, it still looks really good. Its great having someone who i can check everyday. She is only 14, she loves to have her nails done but her life style and nails don't go yet. lol once she stops climbing trees i might let her have them.
See if you can find a friend who is a nail bitter, they will be wowed with the look of sculpts
hi guys thanks for the feedback on this one

im off to practise will let you all know how i get on

thanks again x ;)
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