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May 1, 2003
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Hampstead, London
Could anyone let me have their views please regarding doing sculptures. I've just had a conversion course with Bio Sculpture and they recommend doing sculptured nails rather than tips - I'm using the paper type ones and finding them very very fiddly and wondered if the metal type ones are easier to use and shape to the nail
Sorry, doing this to get back to the top - could anyone give me advice - I'm doing a full set tomorrow and would like to know if the metal forms will hope - if so I'll pop out and buy some - thanks :)
There are an awful lot of different forms out there to choose from.

My favorites are Acra-C forms and Performance Forms.

Acra-C are made of soft plastic and very easy to fit and create a beautiful lateral curve which is very hard to get with a paper form as they are straight. They fit most nails fantastically well.

Performance forms by CND are the best paper forms I have ever worked with as they have these cool tabs which hold the sidewalls straight so you don't get cone shaped nails. They are teflon coated to so they release very easily whether you use gel or L&P or even wraps.

Not sure which metal forms you refer to, but these are the two I like best.
Thanks Geeg, where can I get the Acra-C and Performance Forms from please??
The One Stop Nail Shop in Laughton, Essex will stock them and also - The One Stop Nail Shops in Hammersmith (0207 385 2488) and Milton Keynes,
and by mail order from DesignerNails in Leeds, 0113 275 5719
Sorry I do not have the other numbers but they are available from the Leeds Number.
Thanks Geeg - as usual you've been a great help :D
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