Self Doubt most killer of all businesses!!


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Nov 15, 2007
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How do you get rid of it, when starting out?

Any ideas!!

HI, ACT it works well , good luck :hug: x

How do you get rid of it, when starting out?

Any ideas!!


Do you mean in your ability as a therapist or your ability as a business person, or both?

GOOD Training, self belief and being prepared for every eventuality. And as Minky says ACT - no one knows you are new unless you tell them, have confidence in yourself and your clients will have confidence in you.
Thanks everyone, will take note, can I ask, am curious where can I find out more on the Sassy's fab thread on this subject ... HTHs:hug::hug::hug::hug:
Thanks everyone, will take note, can I ask, am curious where can I find out more on the Sassy's fab thread on this subject ... HTHs:hug::hug::hug::hug:

Just click on the link that is underlined in red in Noodle's post hun ... it just proves that we often do things right and it's the client's that undo all our good work ... the knack is learning when it is the client and when it's you and how to handle it!
Thanks it made it easier knowing that I am not alone. Regarding qualifications I have done two years + training, so its not that.

I think its all to do with self believe, as you said Sassy, if you dont believe in yourself who will.

MMM, think its time to have a little re-thinking, in the positive department.
:):hug: Thanks Sassy.
Sometimes doubting yourself can be mistaken for what is really considered as being a perfectionist, you always think you can do better, that's not a bad thing as long as you keep it in check and stay positive. Was there anything in particular we can help you with, or are you just having a bad week?
Most of it is coming from lack of business, I had a family of six who came for treatments, for a bridal package. Treatments ranging from eyelash tint to make up. They said they would be back, no, this was August, there treatments were booked.

One girl had bought a gift voucher for the bride, but even she hasnt been back to use it.
This is why I was asking, the question, too much time on hands.
Don't worry too much. Clients will come back if they like what you do ... they may just not come back as soon as you would like them to! I've had clients come back a year or two later, not been anywhere else, just didn't bother having treatments until another special occasion came up. Just keep advertising and plugging away and little by little you will build up a client base, which can take years I'm afraid, it's not an overnight thing unless you are incredibly lucky :hug:
Thanks again, Sassy you do know how to make a person see sense, and make them feel better.xx
I have found you often get this with clients that come in alot on a build up to a wedding.They have loads of treatments and spend loads of money but after the wedding i think reality hits and they go back to normal life and that may of been never having any treatments.Im sure if they have special occassions coming up they will think of you and you may find you get recommendations from them for next year for other wedding.Stay positive and keep plugging away at it.Its a long hard slog but so worth it in the end.:hug:xxx
I have just read this and would also like to say thanks to Sassy as I have been feeling exactly the same. My partner persuaded me to give up my full time job working in accounts (but carrying on doing his accounts) which was driving me mad as I was getting so depressed there. He set me up with a lovely log cabin which is great, but since then - August this year I have some weeks where I have no clients at all:cry:. Altough having said that I have got a few new clients who have come back so can't all be bad. Before I read this thread I was feeling really sorry for myself as I have no clients booked until Saturday and started to wonder if it is me and that I'm doing a rubbish service. I have now given myself a kick up the bum and sorted out a new advert to go in local paper, I might even go and do some leaflet drops (in the rain) Thanks ladies:hug:
My friend and I say 'fake it til you make it'. Most of the time just acting confident gets me through even though I might be craping myself. It took me a good 12 months to not get nervous before a massage. The key thing I remember is that the client is coming to me and that I know more than they do - usually. One of my massage clients is a Doctor and she keeps coming back so that's a confidence booster. It took me a good 12 months to get a steady client base. When starting I could go for weeks without a client. I've had people with gift vouchers for months before they use them. Life gets in the way most of the time. Clients often make the comment that they didn't realise it had been so long since their last massage. If I get a client come to me once and never again I don't worry about it anymore. I did at first but then I thought to myself, if I don't like a certain hairdresser, beautician etc I just don't go back so obviously the same is going to happen to me.
Great way to look at it "fake it till you make it" I will remember that one:) I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who has no clients for a few days. My partner keeps saying don't worry make the most of the quiet times this time next year you could be so busy you will wish it was like this again. I'm not convinced!! He said all new business take time to get going. At least he doesn't seem too worried about the fact that I'm not bringing any money into the house at the moment!!:cry:
everyone that has been in business for a while acknowledge that some weeks are lean weeks.

When I worked in a pub the landlord and lady knew that the last week of the month was quiet as people were skint, so would take days off and get me in to cover. Then the first 2 weeks of the month would be hectic and they wouldn't get much time to themselves, they learn't to take advantage of quiet times.

I've learnt a lot from my 2 friends (1 as mobile hairdresser the other mobile beauty therapist). They complained that they were either run off their feet and squeezing people in, so wished that they had a bit of free time, OR dead as a doornail and would panic that they weren't bringing in any money!!!
Then it would pick up and they would feel silly for panicking.
Glad my post has helped other people. I have given myself a kick, and I am going to get out there and put out flyers, instead of feeling sorry for myself.
Use the energy productively rather than destructively.
When I first advertised I was dreading the first phone call. Then 3 out of the first 5 calls wanted to know what other services I provided with massage. I almost gave it in I was so upset. My partner said just to put a note on my flyer saying 'genuine service only, not an adult service'. Problem solved. Mind you I still get asked occassionally. A couple of days ago a client asked me to touch him. I said 'I'm a massage therapist, not a prostitute.' He rang and apologised about an hour later. I think about the 12 month mark is when you really get into the swing of things and feel a lot more comfortable with your work and clients. I still get nervous and worry if I'm doing a good enough job but no where near as bad when I started out.