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May 23, 2021
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So I’ve been working at a salon for 3 years employed and have been thinking of going self employed….at the salon staff is a mix of both employed and self employed.
I asked one of the self employed how it works out for her and she explained she gets £9 hr for what she works and if she hits over a certain about she will get extra on top….and basically said she needs to make it that’s she’s working £25 an hour but then said sometimes her hourly wage is £12/13 so was a little confused….she sort of said it doesn’t work out much difference to us employed lot and that sometimes she’s better off and sometimes she isn’t.
And she gets no holiday or sickness pay and has to do own tax and of course doesn’t get paid if she has say an hour gap
Surely you should be earning much more to be self employed which in the long run can cover when you have holidays etc.
That doesn’t sound like self employed at all.
To check whether the contract is worth it you want to be sure that you get more than 20% extra pay every month - that’s your break-even point. A self employed person needs to earn roughly 20% more just to cover the loss of holiday pay, employer pension contributions and access to benefits (assuming you are healthy, fairly young and have no dependants or disabilities).

The benefit to being an employee is much greater if you might need to claim some benefits. And should you get pregnant you’re regret being self employed.

Self employment can be a way to earn good money, it can also leave you broke and/or exploited. The main issue is mindset. You have to be emotionally resilient and have a can-do approach to life.
I thought you could only be employed by a salon or rent a chair in a salon these days ?
I assumed HMRC had stipulated that if you work in a salon full time, working hrs dictated by the salon owner, you are employed ?
I used to work at a salon and was self employed but was on £11 an hour. Basically the manager didn’t want to do my tax or pay me for time off.

The plus side was I got to say when I worked and I also worked from home and she was fine with this (but deep down suspicious) we had a verbal agreement she wouldn’t expect me to do my clients at her salon and I wouldn’t steal any.
Naturally when I left my clients did follow me, I was the only one who did lashes so she allowed me to take my lash clients with me as she appreciated you don’t “own” clients!

I think it’s better to have self employed staff from a managers point of view, but you need advantages of being self employed and for it to work for you.