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Just wondered how many of you read this type of material. The first book I ever read on this type of thing was The Road Less Travelled and then I was hooked. I have read so many that I just can't remember them right now but a couple more were Feel the fear and do it anyway, How to Win friends and Influence People, The Gift of Fear. I have found that I have learnt a lot from these books. What about you all?
I'm reading an assertiveness book ATM.
But one brilliant one I have read is Stop Thinking & Start Living (I think that was it). In other words we over think ourselves into stress and bother. So true.
Yes, another one I have read also. Have learnt so much from all these books. My poor kids get them passed on to them all of the time and I can tell you at 23 and 24 they are very levelled headed kids which has to be a good thing xx
I just ordered feel the fear..... I also read The secret as well which I liked,
I read the power of now! Really intersecting x
I had 'the seven habits of highly effective teens' when i was younger and it was certainly inspirational, I still look at it from time to time, there is an adult version but this one has cartoon strips illustrating the steps :-D haha

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