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Apr 8, 2012
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I recently trained to apply semi perm eyelashes. I have become quite good at applying a good amount of lashes within 2 hours but I find that my clients need an infill at around 7-10 days. I know it's normal to lose some in the first few days but this is more than a few. People are losing them at about day 6. I can't work out what I'm doing wrong!!

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!! 😃
What glue are you using? Xx
It's the one that came in my marvel lash kit. To be honest it seems to take a really long time to dry and even our teacher didn't use it herself! xx
I would advise you to move over to a reputable glue, not a fast setting one but a good reputable starter glue, flirties from wow do one and the one I advise is from beauty revolution, lash revolution pro glue.

You want a glue that will still set quite quickly, approx 4 seconds but not the super fast drying, save that for when you've had more experience :0)

Lashing is all about perfect application and an excellent glue. Hope that helps x
Thank you! I'm just finding that the marvel lash takes so long to dry, I'm spending a lot of time de-clumping them! Can you direct me to anywhere that I can buy the glue?

Thanks again xx
Lash revolution pro glue can be bought from Beauty revolutions website and flirties can be bought from wow factor, both glues are approx the same price. There are other glues avail, if you use the search button on here thre are loads of threads, make sure you don't get a fast setting one, as I said before, leave that til you become more experienced.

A good glue will also cut own on any stickies xx good luck xx
Blinkingorgeous speaks words of wisdom and make sure to listen to what she says she is a genius and her work is amazing! :) xx
Thanks girls, I'll get ordering some decent glue and hopefully that will help! xx
Can you let me know how you get on? Cos I was h

Don't know what happened there :-/
Can you let me know how u get on with new glue? As I was having the same problem with marvel lash... And I gave up :(
Eyelash Emporium glues are really good, they had an offer on recently for a 10g bottle (larger size) of medium glue for £xxx.
Hth xx
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Yes of course I'll let you know how I get on, it's so frustrating isn't it?! Blinkin, sorry for more questions but there are 3 types of flirties glue, is it the fume and odour free or the clear? I'm presuming the expert speed and strength will be too advanced for me?? xx
Sorry to jimp in your post but anyone got any tips on getting eyelash glue off wothout picking at the lashes
Anything with oil in will help to get the glue that we use for semi perm lashes off. It depends what glue has been used to apply them! xx

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