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Jan 8, 2012
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can anyone tell me were i culd do a course on semi perm make up and how much roughly it wuld cost ? thanks :Grope:
When I looked some time back for the best training, I was looking at around £15000 I would then be a new be, I did not bother as the training companies made it look so easy, but the truth of it's hard to get clients, even working your but off.

Some said they needed to spend even more, and were not busy after 2 years!

I have also been told clients expectations were high, too high! With a high rate of anxiety.

I contacted a few salons and artists and got told the same, I was told by a few that they are busy, but I found out that this was smoke and mirror to make them sound good, they were just doing beauty and got a few customers.

I got someone in to the salon on commission, I let them take all the stick, I don't need it.
I trained about 9 years ago at finishing touches in the brighton/sussex area and they now charge £2250. I learnt eyes / brows and lips and now only do brows but it really dosn't keep me going full time i do alot of other beauty and bridal work inbetween, and clients can be soooooo fussy !!

hope this hasn't put you off just wanted to be honest !! xx

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