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Feb 7, 2012
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Morning geeks!
I'm thinking of training in semi permanent makeup, have searched some other threads but they are more about courses which is great, but i would like to ask if you think there is a place for it in a beauty salon rather than a cosmetic salon? I currently just do beauty therapy in quite a big salon. We do have a rather big client base so i'm sure people would come to us for different things. I am also very determend to push my self and practice until i am perfect. But im thinking maybe clients would rather have this kind of thing in places which offer botox and laser hair removel etc? Any advice much appreciated. X

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You need to assess your market and any competition on the area. Also, if you're not the boss, discuss it with the salon owner and get their view.
If it's something you've carefully considered and are sure you want to train in then do it. You have more options than only offering it at your salon but you'd need to research what licences and insurance you'd need.
I always think if you're passionate and good at what you do then you'll make it work.

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