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Mar 28, 2012
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Hi geeks;
Im getting married on the 9th september, were having a civil ceremony as were both non religious. I would just like to know your opinions on walking down the aisle to sissel kyrkjebo - never walk alone? (different version of the liverpool anthem) my hubby to b is a loyal lpool supporter so i wanted to do it for a surprise im just not sure if its the right thing to walk down the aisle to???? HELP ME :)
It's your wedding! I think its much more special to do something important to you and your future hubby!! I walked down the aisle (civil ceremony) to elbow - one day like this as it was a special song for me and my hubby!! I.didn't care what anyone else thought lol! I also had 2 'first dance songs' a romantic one (lifehouse you and me) then 'our song' kasianbian fire!

Thanks for your reply :) i thought that but i dont know if it will sound ok? Im nervous about getting things wrong! I just want everything to b perfect lol.. I love your idea for 2 first dances though :) xx
Your wedding will only be perfect if you do things the way you like them!! Perfect for you x

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