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Sep 23, 2003
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:D hiya just wondering if any of you wonderful people can help i've been comissioned to set up a nail booth at an event this week. its a sex and the city theme night and we need ideas for nails,, that are quick and easy to do.
also any ideas for little gifts or goodie bags for clients would be a great help as we really need to impress these ladies and get them talking about us and our nails.
:D thanks for all you help
shelly 8)
I made up some goody bags to give away at my recent HSA Ladies Night. Put in a mini bottle of Solar Oil and a mini Scentsations plus a few Hands Down nail pads and my biz card (of course!) :D I put them in some gorgeous little gift bags (the ones with the rope handles) that I got from my local card shop which were not very expensive. The ones I used were in lilac with a little gold flower design on them which looked very classy (they matched all my promo material coz lilac is my theme colour) and I packed them out with some gold coloured tissue paper before putting the goodies inside. I also made some slightly different ones which included a pinky top coat too for ladies who booked a service on the night. They were a real hit :D :D

if its sex and the city copy my louis vuitton nail - pic in scratch..
gold base paler gold flower and lv ...easy....

oh and smile alot and have fun
The characters love their handbags big time. why not get a gift bag shaped like one, to put the goodies in. perhaps you could do a menu based on the characters e.g: subtle french themes for charlotte, sexy and bright for samantha, totally wacky designer theme for carrie, and natural with a little sparkle for the other one (can't for the life of me remember her name) --oh yeah miranda.

That way your clients can ask for a carrie - ha ha just a thought.
enjoy any way.
thanks a million girls must get on to this as soon as i get a chance! loved the ideas esp. about naming treatments after stars of the show like a carrie :D i'm going to pop some funky files into the goddie bags and see what else i can come up with if any of you have anymore ideas please let me know
michelle ;)
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