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Sep 8, 2013
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Kent, UK

Just got my capital trade card and wondered if I would be better off buying my shampoo and conditioner there?

Currently using tresemme split ends remedy but I'm about to run out so it seems like a good time to invest in something better.

What kind of thing should I go for? I like something which doesn't make my hair feel dry and is volumising - if that's possible?!

TIGI bed head? Loreal? Wella? I've only ever had access to high street store stuff before so any help would be much appreciated :)
I'm from beauty not hair, I'm presuming you are too ?
but I buy mine at capital too - i use bedhead colour shampoo & conditioner ... X

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I'm from nails :)

I saw that the bed head was on offer at the moment in a pack. They had a volumising one so might pop down there this week and get one to try.

I'm sure it definitely works out cheaper than buying it with my weekly supermarket shop :)
I use loreal absolut repair and it's amazing. Really works. They also do one called intense repair which is a little lighter on the hair but both really good for damaged hair and split ends.
Thank you :) I'll go and check that out x

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