Shellac/Gelish vs Bio Sculpture or Pronto gel


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Apr 25, 2005
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South Africa
I am very confused.

what is the diffrence besides a bottle between a product like shellac or gelish and a tradional gel like bio or Pronto gel?
Shellac isn't a gel. It's a 'power polish' that is cured with a UV cnd lamp.
shellac and gelish are 2nd generation soak off gels, but they are hybrids of polish and gel, biosculpture is first generation and only a gel with pigments
shellac is a power polish - like long lasting nail polish, cannot be used with tips but can over enhancements - is better used on short nails and nails that are in good condition - quicker to apply and soaks off in 10

gelish is a gel polish - like gel but in a bottle - long lasting polish with a bit more strength

bio sculpture is a soak off gel, can be used as overlays, with tips or can be used to sculpt enhancements - strong but flexible - takes around an hour or so, soaks off in 20 - comes in a pot not a bottle

all these products are good and be used in unison with each other to provide clients with treatments specific to them x

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