Shellac lifting and peeling off

I havnt been offering Shellac for long.. A few months, attended the course and working on a mobile basis and love shellac. I have had a few clients I totally explain to them what shellac is and give them the aftercare print out from the course.a client I treated first 2 weeks ago after one week rang me to say that she had some chips and her fore finger had half lifted and peeled off. I re applied a whole service for her on Saturday. Yesterday she rang me to say the same thing is happening and I went to have a look. They are all on her right 'working' hand and she admitted she hadn't been wearing gloves and this is what they look like one as you can see has lifted and peeled and if you look closely the other two are lifting from the free edge to almost halfway down the nail plate.. Advice would be greatly appreciated. I said I would so that hand for her again, make sure she gets gloves organised and i would see if I could get advice.. Here goes ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1344323905.686869.jpg


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Are you doing your prep correctly? You need to make sure you scrubfresh under the free edge. Also, are you swiping the free edge when you apply each coat?

Take us through your prep & application & we can maybe see where you are going wrong.

Also, you should not re do for free if she hasnt followed the aftercare. Having said that, I never wear gloves when cleaning & my shellac lasts a full 2 weeks without any lifting or chips.
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If she's admitted to not wearing gloves I wouldn't do them for free. shes disregarding your aftercare as she knows you'll fix them for free. By the sound of things she is the problem in this case, not anything you've done xx


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Ok first let's eliminate any problems with your pep and application.

Are you using cuticle away to remove cuticles? If so are you making sure you deactivate it with soapy water?

Are you throughly scrubing the nail and free edge with scrub fresh?

Are you making sure you seal/cap the free edge after every coat?

Is she the only client this is happening too? If so and you've done all of the above correctly Id say that she has caused this. Not wearing gloves to do dishes wouldnt cause it but cleaning without gloves could. Especially if she has used cillet bang.

Did you give aftercare advice? I always make sure I tell my clients the do's and don't's whilst carrying out the treatment. I then make sure they get a little bullet point sheet too with the aftercare on it.


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I'm doing everything hun.
Cuticle away/ cuticle work
Spray with soapy water and lint free wipe
Good ole scrub with scrub fresh and under the free edge
Thin layer of base, cap free edge
10 secs cure
2 x colour coat Inc cap free edge 2mins cure
Top coat Inc cap free edge cure 2 mins
Scrub with dsperse
Solar oil
This was the before pic ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1344325366.167984.jpg


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Are you only having problems with this client, or others as well?


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May your application be a tad too thick? 😘
Are you only having problems with this client, or others as well?
Well I've only had about 3. My friend gets chips and I keep saying ' jewels not tools' etc, another paying customer who didn't ready aftercare that I gave her and was picking the remaining off as I got to her house. A younger lady I havnt heard back from and this one.. I've either had a run if clients that don't take the service seriously or I'm seriously doing the application wrong! I do my own with no prob but it would be nice to get some positive feedback.. It's a bit dispearing :(
There's no prob on her left 'not so used' hand


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try doing a dry prep, there may be residue form the cuticle away and soapy water and if her nails are naturally oily this wont help xx


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There's no prob on her left 'not so used' hand
I think that tells the story, doesn't it?

Her nails are fairly long and then she is not protecting her manicure in any way! That is not normal wear and tear; that is abuse. I imagine her nails are bending under the strain of what she is doing .. clearly it is not happening to the other hand that she isn't abusing so much.

I would not offer to do them for free again. She is not taking any notice of your instructions re aftercare and has caused all her own problems all on her own. It is frankly cheeky of her to even let you re-do for free when she has to know and to be able to see herself that it is only on the scrubbing hand that she is having any problems. If she is in hot water for any appreciable amount of time then she needs to wear gloves. If she does not, then on her own head be it.