Shellac Rubble?


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Jul 31, 2011
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New Zealand
I bought Rubble just after it came out and haven't used it until today, but after I shook it and I opened it, it seemed very thin..not like the rest of my shellac colours, it felt alot like normal polish..and yes I know that Shellac is meant to apply like polish but it's not like the consistancy of the rest.

And yes I also know that each colour has it's own different chemical make up...i'm simply asking if anyone else has noticed that Rubble is quite a thin colour?

Thanks, Stacey
I am currently wearing Rubble and I love it. I had no problems with it.
Hmmm is definitely is one of the ones that look very see through upon first colour coat but after the second it looks fine. Very popular colour I've found!
Hmm, it cured no problem, and looks good on second coat...but even before I put it on the nail It looked awfully thin...I was wondering if being a new colour they had put too much solvents in it or something?

I don't know..when I put it on the nail I thought..hang on, this base coat has cured..cause it went that runny way on the nail, but I checked the base coat and it was sticky, no problems there.

It's a strange one.
just removed rubble from nails after wearing it for 2 weeks. Loved it. i actually thought it was quite easy to apply and was happy with the coverage.
I would phone S2 and ask about it but, it's not causing any problems curing wise so i'm inclined to just leave it.

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