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Lisa S

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Jul 10, 2010
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Been reading a lot about Seche Gel laquer on the site. I use Shellac at the moment, which I love. I only deal in natural nails - would it be worth me investing in this as well as Shellac? or are they basically the same. Would I be able to use my new CND lamp for Seche if I did decide to purchase it also. Thanks for any advice X

I also do shellac and have now also started to use seche, you can't compare them as seche is more like a thin gel. I also do calgel.I tell my clients to try all three then they can see and feel the difference. Seche is slightly harder to master to apply than shellac but once you get the hang of it fine. I have clients who prefer one but I also have ladies that swop and change between the three.
They love having the choice.:)
Sorry forgot to say no need to buy another lamp, I use my cnd lamp no problems.:)
Thanks for that. Is the Seche going to be similar to the OPI Axxium soak off gel I use then, opposed to Shellac? There are so many products out there my head is spinning!!
Not sure if I'm correct in saying this but my understanding is that shellac stands on its own and nothing else like it on the market where as the other gel polishes are a thin gel.
Hi l have been using shellac and now have gelish by nail harmonany absolutely love it and clients are finding it much harder wearing xx
O god my head is spinning with all these different products!! Thanks for your replies x

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