shellac what prices do you charge?


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Oct 24, 2010
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Hi all, i have a couple of questions about shellac. Do i need to buy the lamp recommended for shellac treatments or could i use the daylight lamp i bought a year ago ( practically new)? How much do you charge for fingers and toes? Iam salon based in scotland thanx so much
No, you need the Shellac lamp from CND, or the Brisa lamp from CND. I believe the recommendation is 150% of your standard manicure price, but I may be wrong.
Hi, Have a look through the threads in the shellac lovers group. Everything you need to know about shellac is in there.:)Htp Plus you definately need the Cnd lamp as no other lamp will cure it.
thanks for your replies was not sure re lamp and did not want to spend more money if i didn't have to but will put it in my order! x
Also I don't know if you understand how shellac works but it needs uv light as it's gel/polish i'm pretty sure your daylight lamp would not cure ANY gel product. Take a look at shellac group lots of info on there

I think she means the daylight uv lamp chick
Just letting you know that I initially purchased the Deluxe Daylight Lamp, it was actually more expensive than the new CND one, I was fed up of waiting for the new CND lamp to come in. Anyway, I did a couple of Shellac manicures with it on my family and it was fine, my sister got the full two weeks out of hers. Three days after I had purchased the Daylight, the new CND one came in stock!! Typical - so took my Daylight one back, naughty I know, but just wanted the right lamp to go with my products. The Deluxe one was very similar to the new CND lamp inside, the bulbs were positioned practically the same and it was 5 finger cure. Hope this helps. Lisa x

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