Shih Tzu Puppies 4 Sale


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Jul 16, 2004
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Hinckley, Leicestershire

My shih tzu puppies are now 5 weeks old and are ready for veiwing they are gorgeous!!!

If anyone whats any information just ask

Love you guys
are wow this is the dog i wanted my other half got a lab instead how r they with other dogs?? and kids??? send me a pm if u like with more info??
Those Dogs Are So Cute!!!! I Have Alwayd Found Them To Be So Loving And Snuggly.......i Want One....don't Know What The Other Half Will Say!!!
my other half has his mad lab so i must be entitled to a ickle ****su lol xx
awww gorgeous, you should post a pic. I have a 1 year old (and already huge, hope she will stop growing) Bassett Hound - very cheeky, very sleepy, very wrinkly.
i'd love to post some photos but i don't know how you do it!!!!!!!
Think I went to site links, photo gallery and then at the top it says upload pics.
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