Should I stay or should I go?


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Jan 5, 2012
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Im just finishing off my NVQ L2 in beauty at college and am unsure of whether to finish or continue in Sept doing NVQ L3 spa or beauty? My aim is to open at home and then if I dont continue at college, do some fast track courses with the likes of the carlton insitute for massage and nails..........need some advice off the professionals! Thank u x
At the ends of the day it depends on what route you want to go down. In my opinion, if you are planning to wear mobile then he is not where you doing their courses that needs learn more expensive machines (micro-dermabrasion, etc) as they're services that are costly and aren't ideal for mobile work.

However if your planning to work in a spa or high end salon then they may be ideal and definitely interesting.

Hope this helps x
Get the full NVQ level 3 I'm just finishing mine off and it feels good to know I have that on my belt I took the beauty route so that's all the electrical stuff like epilation and electrical facials and body treatments I also do Swedish and aroma massage too, plus if you wanted to work in a salon most of the time they want a fully qualified NVQ 3 therapist ! Hope that helps :) x
Hi I am in the same situation as you finish my nvq 2 in June, was undecided wether to stay on for level 3 and went to the college open evening where we could try out treatments and ask level 3 students questions, which helped me decide to stay on, I think while I am still in college learning mode I might aswll continue with my studies as I can't see me returning years down. The line I am already working mobile with the units I have passed and think. It would be nice to offer other treatments later on and would work out more expensive if I did them all as single courses.
Thank you ladies, I will have a word at college and see what the tutors can advise, what will be applicable on L3 etc xx
I was in your position a year ago. I needed to work, I needed the money. The only way I could do the electrical route was full time, 3 days a week, and I worked the other 4 in my retail job. I have just finished, I am shattered and the course wasnt a breeze, going back into full time education after 10 years but it was worth it. Ive done it and I can pick and choose what I use from the course.

I guess after my rambling it definitely depends what you want to do from here treatment wise?



Make up?


Tough to decide Ill give you that!
Stay on and finish it you have the opportunity to get more qualifications under your wings so go for it and grab the opportunity with both hands as you wont want to look back and regret it xxx
You havent mentioned your age either........Dont forget that if its free for you at the minute you might regret it if you go back and have to pay thousands for it......
Can you do both?

I started mobile after I qualified level 2 but continued to do my level 3 also.

You can only benefit from staying on tbh and you go into much more depth about the skin and A&P than you do in level 2.

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