show date england for next year ka


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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawasdee ka

Can lady tell me dates for show in England is it season better for me look june july august because i think before i can go holiday any where for holiday i have passport but i see friend in karaoke last night time and she speak if i go england no have visa them send me back to Thailand for sure .

I go speak law office tomorrow and i will speak and them will ask when you want to make visa for and if i tell them month i will make and i will come for only 3 days see show so no problem and maybe make competition for learner same if i can i want .

Kop khun ka mui
Olympia show is 21-23 March. I don`t think we have shows during the months you want to come over but someone will correct me if I`m wrong
yup, debs is correct, there is a show at birmingham end of feb. & olympia in march.
there may b one in may, i can't say for sure.
excell is in sept. & manchester is in oct.
the seasons seem to fall between feb & may, and sept & nov.
mayb its because its the holiday season that the organisers avoid it?
i hope that you can make a show thou mui as we're all dying to meet you :fire:
olympia in march would b best as lots of us r going to a after show party!
you could b our guest of honour :D
love liza xx
Sawasdee ka

I will go see lady law office tomorrow and speak her make me visa and i come for 3 days enough for me .

In thailand i only have t shirt and short skirt i will go buy some jean and some thing for keep warm and maybe bring some thing so i not get wet too much if rain .

I will speak when i have ticket for England .

Kop khun ka mui
hiya mui
definately bring jeans & warm coat if you r coming in march!!!!!!
it will b great 2 cu in march :D
lol liza xx
sawasdee ka

I book ticket with ning and i come number 21 morning and go to show ag and i come back Thailand number 23 night time .

This month i have make 20000 my shop and ticket have 30000 and next month more for sure .

I can come England for sure lady can speak where i go and i can no problem i speak lady 2 england them speak no have motor bike taxi same Thailand but have bus i go bus many time .

Kop khun ka mui
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