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Aug 18, 2009
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Hi there I use brown bitz tan which I love.

i have had a tan rep from sienna wanting me to take on the tan in the salon. I have considered having both the tans, as really liked all the retail and marketing for sienna, I tried the tonight's the night tan although I wasnt as impressed as thought client would be dark after 4 hours but wasnt until next day.

Has anyone tried the lotion tan. Or the other sprays ??

I did try searching o here but not much feedback xxx thanks

Tonight's the night will only get you as tanned as say a dove moisturiser with tan. I use sienna and it's a name everyone seems to have heard of. Due to the price of sienna I looked into getting something cheaper. I got samples from nouveau, fake bake, st tropez and many more. I only liked nouvatan as the colours are gorgeous however i found with all of them your not dry instantly. With sienna I can have a tan and get dressed in any clothes and go out straight away, no marks or lines or rubbing off. In the three years iv been using it it's only had amazing results and the clients love it. I don't think you would be disappointed but I do think the tonight's the night and 6% are a wee bit pointless. If your paying for a tan you want to see it. Xx
Thanks for reply, it is a lovely natural tan, and love the shimmer sprays, is the 16 very dark? Thats good you ve tried other s. I like sienna selling point that it looks like you have been on holiday rather than sprayed xx

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