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Jun 22, 2010
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I am currently using fake bake and so fed up with them. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a spray thats the closest in colour to fake bake?? I have done a search an have a list of places to get samplrs from but didnt really want to get all of them if i can eliminate some from your advice. I want a brown tone as apposed to golden. Any suggestions would be great!!! Thanku xxx
I'm looking at getting in tan, why are you fed up with fake bake?
I use fake bake but recently sampled Lauren's way it's a really nice tan I like it better then fake bake if I'm honest with you but I don't think my regular fake bakers would change xx
There are many good quality spray tan providers so well worth having a good look at the various postings on this site as well as goggling to see who you come up with and then simply a case of requesting samples and trying out the various options for yourself
HTH and good luck :hug:
Thanku for the replies. Fake bake are constantly out of stock and they make you feel like your the only person thats complaining when u say something even though i know for a fact that many arent happy with them. The dark is not the same as it used to be at all.
Iused to use fakebake and feel the same i have started using Laurens way and its the closest i found and they are really friendy :D
Tantrum Tanning # Lisa from Fake Bake her new venture x

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