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Jun 28, 2010
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Can anyone suggest a skin care compary to use whilst doing mobile, i want a descent company but one that i dont have to carry hundreds of products around!
What sort of budget?
Ha ha good question, not to much to be honest, as just starting, been doing beauty for around 10 years and trainined in quite a few brands but only the one ones with loads of products, so any advise would be great then at least i know what i need to save!
OK... the thing is... even though there are plenty of skincare companies with no minimum order, you generally still need to spend quite a bit to get a good range of products, so what may be good, is to get some products that are good for 'all skin types' so you don't have to carry lots of stock for different skin types.

You could consider something like Salon Systems Thai? Or possibly a selection from the
P8N8 range. I realise I am talking about 2 very different product ranges here but one thing they have in common is that you don't need loads of products to carry out a facial.

Hope that helps :hug:

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