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Jul 27, 2015
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Just needed some advice. I've used gel polishes for a while and not had any problems. But earlier this year my skin around my nails started peeling (in big chunks) after using gel polish. Has anyone seen this before? It doesn't hurt, it's just weird.

This week I used normal polish and it has happened again (I've attached a pic).

It's one of those things that doesn't really bother me, it used to be annoying but I've kind of gotten used to it. But I've just trained in manicure and pedicure and have gel training soon and I'm worried that this will happen to a client and I won't know how to explain it.

All my products are OPI or Gelish, all bought from Sallys or Capita Hair & Beauty so I'm confident that they are not fakes.

Can anyone advise on what is happening?

This time it's happened on the underside of the Nail but it's happened on both sides before.

Would be grateful for any advice.


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Do you use your finger tips to wipe excess uncured gel off the other nails? That could explain the peeling skin.

You really shouldn't be using Gelish or OPI gel products without being trained in them as you need to be aware of how to use them safely.
No, I don't wipe anything with any of my other nails. and this time it was normal nail varnish, not gel
Also, thanks for the warning/advice. I do understand the importance is training which I why I have now trained. I wouldn't even dream of doing anything on other people without proper training.
This is me when I don't protect my skin when I use acrylic [emoji17]
That's how mine started and look what happened after a while.
It's acetone that sets mine off, just using a pad/wipe to remove varnish etc.
I now have to wear gloves, and the slightest contact with acetone snd they split, bleed, and dry out and go crusty, it takes a month to get back to normal.

So i recommend trying to find out what's causing it and avoid overexposure. X
Ouchy, that looks very sore.

Agree with previous posters that you need to be very careful to protect your skin when working with these strong chemicals.

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