Skin test - who's to blame?


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Mar 29, 2016
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i have a question which I need help with please - I work in a salon at the moment and we don't always skin test but in the salons previously we had to do a skin test. so my question is.... if you don't carry out a skin test on a client and the client has a reaction. then who is to blame? is it me or the salon?
I'd say you if it was you performing the treatment. You are responsible for your own client
Are you employed or self employed?

If employed and you're working to your salon's rules, then the salon owner is legally liable for any claim.
It's called 'vicarious liability'.

However, you don't want to earn a reputation amongst clients and colleagues for cutting corners so if they don't currently follow skin testing guidelines, perhaps you should try to introduce them yourself?
If you are self employed then you are to blame, this is why you have your own public liability. If you are employed by the salon then it's those that are responsible. I would just do them regardless to be on the safe side x

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