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Aug 15, 2007
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Hi all - I wondered, does anyone use this skincare range and would you recommend it? I'm looking for a range to open with in my home salon. Any advice gratefully received!:lol:
we used this range when I was at college a few years ago and I would say it was an ok range to use whilst training but i wouldnt not want to use it as a professional range.

but it does all come down to your budget.
I used it in college and didn't like it much but god knows how long it had been opened and in use for so i don't think that would of helped any.
I only remeber one person having a reaction to it but she couldn't use much at all without having some kind of reaction. So i guess it is good in that way.
Have you had a look at the Priadara range from Ellisons?
hi i used to use skintruth in my homebased salon when i lived in germany beacause it was easy for posting, but as soon as i came home i changed . I am now using Eve Taylor range which Iam very impressed with and my clients are loving it too which is great. They have great start up packages and no mimimum order xx
Hi, A therapist, I know uses this range in her homesalon. And her clients are having regular facials with it.

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