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Dec 2, 2013
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I need some advice on these slow cookers everybody is going on about, I'm getting home me at 7 after work and all I do is put some chicken in the oven and chop up some veg and put it in the stove it takes 2hours and it's taking the Micky now I'm not sitting down to eat my dinner until 8.30 9pm I don't believe in microwave ready meals for quickness I use to make them in a factory years ago and put me off them. So anyway my client said she leaves a small joint of beef from 8 till 6 when she gets home from work and it's ready! She just puts a few veg in a pan and it's all done in 20mins. Is it safe to leave them on all day I'm petrified incase it set on fire while I was out of the house.
Theyre safe we use one all the time :) they're obviously designed for that purpose inmind x
We have one that's about 35 years old and we leave that one on all day! X
There brilliant! I use mine all winter! Doing pulled pork in mine this week [emoji4]
So they are safe to leave on while your out of your house?
We always do!
Absolutely. And I'm a bit ocd about not leaving stuff on. Just follow the instructions regarding number of hours and recommended settings.
If you're worried it's on too long you can buy a timer so it's ready for you getting home.
I love my slow cooker. I have 2 so I can cook different things at the same time. I like that it's prepared and I can tidy up while it's cooking
I LOVE my slow cooker!
Beef stew, sausage casserole (brown sausages off under grill first of they'll look like you've dismembered body parts lol.)

I throw everything in, swedes I dice smaller as they take longer to cook than say a parsnip etc.stick it on low, go to work check it, turn up to high for 10 mins or just eat if it's ready..

I do "Tango Gammon " too that's nice, just pour in a can of Tango over Gammon joint in slow cooker, bit of water and a gorgeous flavoured meet to have with jacket potato and salad

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