So disheartened with my polish, help


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Mar 9, 2016
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I'm struggling so much with my polish skills it just doesn't seem to look right to me and I don't no where I'm going wrong I can paint fine on practice hands finger etc but on people it just looks like the pic I'm so worried I'm going to fail my nvq


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It's just practice but try to go closer to the cuticle especially if you using darker colours and then cap the free edge if you make a mistake just use an old gel brush dipped in polish remover and clean up the sides
it's driving me mad
Practice practice practice. Watch polishing tutorials.
Are you really nervous? As it looks like your nerves are perhaps making you shake a little?
It will just click one day. Just keep practicing at it. I haven't been doing acrylic long and it is easier on practice hands as they are 'perfect'. As you can see on this client they have different shaped nails and such which is what happens and its just that bit you need to get used to x
Yeah I agree with some tutorials on YouTube! Nobody is perfect it just takes time xxx
yh I was very nervous also no table this was a practice on my nan so had her hand on my lap wasn't the easiest to do like that painting with polish is pretty much all I'm doing day in day out at the minute desperately trying to get it right and watching YouTube etc it just all seems to go to pot when I'm with a real person at home I have the hooked fingers and the trainer hand with moveable fingers etc which I have no problem with but the minute I have to do a person I can't get an even coverage with the varnish or the varnish looks uneven on the nail so really stressed out about it now because obviously painting real people is a big thing if I want to be a nail tech x
Then you have to paint people. Even a husband or boyfriend. Practicing on a trainer is nowhere near the same as a real live client.
Try making a nice little arc with the bristles of your brush. Don't put in anywhere near the cuticles until it a nice smooth arc, then gently move it closer to the edges.

There are no short cuts to perfect polish but my stag member really lacked the skills when she joined us but a few little tips and tricks made all the difference.

Good luck

Vic x
Hi Leanne,

Im sure if I look closely, it looks as if you need to push the cuticle back a little bit more on some nails, which will help getting it nice and even around the cuticle area, and I think if your getting uneven streaky coverage it could be because your not loading your brush up enough, or your doing it to slow and the layer is drying as your still applying and you going over and over it is making it uneven if that makes sense, the way I get a nice coverage is to just get my first layer down, as good as I can then with the 2nd coat I clean up edges to make it all look nice and neat, and just use a brush with a bit of polish remover after to clean up any edges x
I think I may be doing it very slow trying to be careful and I agree with the cuticles I didn't have my kit with me this was just a spur of the moment grab my nan while she was willing haha I have been practicing on hubby I mama ages to get a French manicure on him last night haha but I really struggle with real people to practice on I'm kind of stuck with my 2 little boys and hubby all ferrocias nail biters and have a mm of nail my nans ok but she has quite alot damage to the nail from when she was younger like on her index finger there's only half a nail and then some clubbing on the middle finger on the top hand due to arthritis but thank you for all the tips I will be going through the thread again and jotting some things down X
You can tell your nan hasn't got the easiest nails to do but it honestly is harder without doing cuticles. Do your hubbys cuticles and nails tonight then post it. The hardest bit is getting a nice finish round cuticle so even if they are short shouldn't matter too much xxx
I did hubbys last night but he works outside do he's hands are so black because of the things he has to use but will post pic of the nails x
it won't let me upload the picture saying file to big
I was taught very early on, that the way you apply the base coat is very important. If it's perfect, it gives a great canvas to lay your colour over. The first layer of colour is the same idea. The second colour coat should be the easiest to paint because of the foundation you've laid.
I'm struggling with fanning the brush out to do the sides from the cuticle on a person I I've tried the 3 step and also the cnd 5 step but my middle line seems thick and then you can kind of see the overlap thicker lines where the sides join I seem to be so shakey and nervous even when it's a family member I seem to go slower so I no the varnish is drying and going sticky so I get anxious about making a pigs ear of it but this is the first time after years and years of wanting to do nails I've actually been in a position to take the time out to do it so no pressure lol I read on another thread about putting blue tac around the false hands etc to make a fake cuticle and sidwall which I do now but real people i think nerves get the better of me x
this is hubbies French manicure


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I think you're overthinking it. Try it fast over and over. Also, are you using a good polish?
I just had a college kit style red then the dark is an opi varnish I can't buy the cnd products yet because I don't have a cert for sweet squared so just been trying with those really x

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