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Aug 4, 2007
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Chelan, Washington
I have been in business for a year since April, working mostly at doing nails as a room service after pulling and a different eight hour job on the same site. I moved into a salon last September. It's been a rough road. My problem is the salon owner. She goes to the discounted salons for her nails and when asked by her hair clients about her nails she tells them. I feel like I am banging my head against the wall here. NOt once has she asked me to do a fill or a full set for her. She raves about them, seeing nothing wrong in what they do. Before going to school to get my nail tech degree, I too went to the same shop as she does. So I know what they do. I can't get her to give me any referrals for nails services. There are four of us in the salon, me being the only nail tech. One would think that she would push this as it would bring in more clients for hair services as well.
How do I approach her, or do I at all, or do I move out of the salon? :rolleyes:The other girls help out as much as they can. The owner looks at me as if I am nuts. So much has changed since these girls have been to school , especially in the nails.
She sounds like a right thick git :smack:
Some people just cant see past there own nose.
If i were you concentrate on what you are doing and show her and everyone else that what you do is 100x better - gather your clients - then move to somewhere that does appretiate you or better still on your own with your own techs.
See it as a start for your own improvment or business and a learning curve for how not to treat people!!!!:hug:
Ok i'm only new to the industy and i could be completely off base her and you might wanna bawl at me for suggesting this. I was told during training that if i ever rented space or worked in a salon to give the owner or receptionist free nails and infills as they are usualy the first point of contact for clients and it can bring a LOT of clients your way. It sounds to me as though she hasn't just done this once or twice so maybe it would be worth it? that way when her clients ask about her nails she'll say you done them and it could bring you new clients. If that makes sense? I know we shouldn't give out free nails but i think this might be the one time that we would actually benefit from it? Just a suggestion.

do you know the reason why she is going to this other salon ?

is it cost

is it quality

is it speed ?

i'm betting it is cost, i would offer her a free set and show her how much better, safer and more hygienic your nail services are and whilst shes at the table you might want to explain a few things about the way you work so that she understands why your nail services are superior.

what were your experiences when you visited the other salon ?
How would she take it if you started recommending your hairdresser to your clients when in the salon? I don't think she'd be pleased at all! Maybe this needs to be pointed out to her for her to understand how you feel? Good luck, whatever you do!
Thanks all that replied to post. Since moving into the salon slightly over a year I have found that the owner that goes elswhere for her nails still does the same thing now as she did in the beginning. Other hair dressers have pointed out to her your same ideas. No she would not like it if I referred other clients of hers elswhere. She goes to the discount shop because of pricing and quickness of the shop. Being trained in the art of artificial enhancements herself, she knows the risks, but blatenly doesn't care. I offer my services to the other hairdressers for free, as they do the same for me when my hair needs to be cut etc... I am working at gaining more clientelle before making my move out of the salon, which I feel is her lose since she advertises a full service salon.
I feel that your right for offering your free services to the others in the salon in exchange for their free services to you. Others in the shop are great advertisement for you. But if you can sustain with your clientel and the recommendations of the other hair dressers at your salon, build, build, build your clientel. If not, I'd count my losses and move on, some people are just like that and there's no getting around them. I think that you will be smart to move on and count it as a learning experience and take your existing clients with you. But you could also use this place as a learning and building place, then when you get ready to move, Demand that she get's her nails from you or at least stop advertising for the other place.:!::!::!:
Well she may be getting her nails done at a cheap nail bar and telling her clients where she goes but by doing that she is losing out on revenue for her own business. Some people just cant see the wood for the trees. If you are working in a hair salon then you already have your client base sitting infront of you, it's just a case of you converting them to hair and nail clients. In your downtime, go and give the clients a complimentary nail assessment whilst they are waiting for their hair appointment or when they are in the chair getting their hair done. Time is important for clients so if they can get their nails done at the same time as their hair then they will go for it.

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