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Jun 21, 2004
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Wanted to know what are the products and the methods used to remove nail from professionals. Do you guys think that the machines like SONIC TOUCH work or not. I need something fast!!
Simona said:
Wanted to know what are the products and the methods used to remove nail from professionals. Do you guys think that the machines like SONIC TOUCH work or not. I need something fast!!

I use a product remover most manufacturers sell these or you can use pure acetone but is a bit harsh..when you say you need something fast, do you mean that removes the product fast?

My personal opinion is that i don't like machines of any type (well other than my airbrush!)

I'd rather take the time and not damage the natural nail when removing, however through here i discovered Fiona's double soak of bowl's that you fill with warm water and use with acetone and now couldn't live without them!

sorry!! i meant that takes off the product fast. I tought acetone is a little harsh. I have been using brush cleaner cause at the course i took they told me that is the best. Cause i have been seeing so much commercial on those finger spa to remove nails and i have been so tempted.
Hi Simona

I thin the enhancement if needed or just rough the surface with a 180 grit then soak cotton wool enought to cover the nail and wrap it in tin foil (alluminium) and leave for 20 mins - or like mentioned earlier you could contact Fiona Barron of Natural Nails she retails a fab piece of kit to speed up removal there is a link under site stuff for her...
Here are instructions that utilize the same assets as Fiona's soak off bowl -- if you do not have this item this will work for you ... before cool soak off bowls with integrated warming, this is how it has been done for years. Should take about 20 minutes maximum for liquid/powder enhancements.

This is off the web site under the NVQ section, element 4, Removal


At some point a client may want to have their nail enhancements removed.

Removal is a legitimate salon service and should be carried out with a positive attitude.

There is a quick and safe way to remove products without causing damage to the natural nail.

1. Pour REMOVER into a glass or Pyrex dish. Put the glass dish into another dish filled with hot water.

2. Submerge the fingertips into the REMOVER. Make sure the entire nail or nails are covered in the solution.

3. Cover the hand and dish with a terry cloth towel and soak for 15-20 minutes. Do not lift the nails out of the REMOVER for the entire time.

4. Lift the towel off and with the nails still submerged, lightly layer the product from the nails with an orange stick. If there is any product still remaining, soak for a further 5 minutes. Repeat if necessary until all product has been softened and removed. Be patient. Any product pulled off the surface of the nail, even at this stage will result in nail plate damage.

5. When all product has been safely removed, ask the client to wash and dry hands. Gently and minimally smooth the surface of the nail with a 240 or higher grit abrasive, such as the KOALA buffer. Work in the direction of nail growth only.

6. Condition the nails and surrounding soft tissue with SOLAROIL; then massage the entire hand with SOLAR SILK lotion, SCENTSATIONS hand & body lotion, SpaManicure FINISHING LOTION or SolarButter.

7. Prescribe a homecare routine that will continue to keep the nails beautiful and healthy.

Points to remember:

Ø Never use Acetone to remove nail enhancements. Product remover is Acetone that has been chemically ‘buffered’ to protect the skin.
Ø Never send clients home with professional products to remove their own enhancements. Removal is a salon service and all products are labelled ‘For professional use only’!
Ø You are legally liable if you sell a professional product to a non-professional and an accident results.
Ø Product remover is highly flammable. Never attempt to warm it in a microwave oven, or other naked heat source.
the above is what i do, the glass bowl inside the glass bowl and its true only takes 20-30 minutes
the best method for me and my clients

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