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Aug 3, 2003
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Yesterday was vat free day in Sally's. Bought a bottle of OPI Tip & Glue remover 480ml's for £33.85 to soak of a friends nail as I am still practising
my sculpturing. I want to give a good service but am not knowledgeable enough yet to know if I'm just as well buying pure acetone? I'd appreciate any advice :?

Jackie X
I always rub solar oil into surrounding area to protect the skin then place fingers in acetone which I have in a brilliant electric heater. It reduces time by at least half by warming and agitating the acetone.
I used to use tip remover until I looked at the ingredients, all of which was 100% acetone but dearer to buy so once it was used up I never bought any more
Thankyou for the advice Debs. Good idea about the oil and once my bottle is finished I'll start using Acetone. I'm learning as I'm going, fun but expensive, thank goodness I've found this site. Great support!

Jackie X
Just be careful, everyone, that the acetone you buy is buffered acetone and not pure acetone.

The reason why tip remover is more expensive than acetone is because the acetone molecules have been buffered so that the drying effect on the skin is considerably lessened. Not all acetone is the same and when products have been chemically treated to make them less harsh, it cost more money.

Everyone assumes that they know best because they have read the label, but this is not always the case! Chemically buffered acetone is still acetone on the label but in fact is different.

Best to use professional products and get the job done right. We charge plenty for removal, and this charge more than covers the cost of the correct products rather than using industrial grade products which granted are cheap, but not necessarily the best for your clients.
Will take your advise Geeg and continue to buy the professional remover from now on. This is what is so good about this site as everyone is continuing to expand their knowledge. Debs thankyou very much for the reply :)

Jackie X
Thats a very interesting post from you geeg, how would we know its Buffered acetone when the ingredients on tip remover just says acetone?
I have been using plain (although a professional make) acetone since looking at the ingredients on the bottles, its obviously really misleading and there must be loads of us out here making the same mistake to save money
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