Solar Butter in a tube?


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Jun 1, 2003
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Dublin, Ireland.
Are there any plans for Solar Butter to be packaged in a tube? I always carry a tube of hand cream in my handbag, unfortunately not Solar Butter as I find even the small jars too bulky and the one time I did try it- the lid loosened - ucck! My old clients in the UK (still not got up and running properly here in Dublin yet) were always asking for Solar Butter in a tube, but I ended up having to retail them Pinnacle (still very nice, but I do luuuurve my Solar Butter) handcream as the tube was just the right size for handbags.

I haven't heard anything but what about SolarBalm - that comes in a tube but I guess it's not really hand cream is it :oops: what about the 2oz Scentsations (Dannii Minogues favorite handbag accessory) - really easy to carry and lovely smells!! Will of course let you know and will send your request through to CND San Diego!!! ;)
Thanks for that, Mrs Geek. I did manage to sell some of the smaller Scentsations, but there was always a slight look on disappointment on their faces when I told them "sorry - only in the pots". :oops: I'm sure they'd go like hot cakes if Creative ever did decide to make handbag sized tubs of Solar Butter. :)

Hi Jackie

If you go to the Search option (left hand side, under links) and type in Solar Butter, you will find a posting titled 'Solar Butter' that I started. I bought the mini pots of Solar Manicure and found they were a fantastic retail opportunity - clients love them. They are a good price, and clients are willing to pay out another £2.95 ontop of their service, ideally leading them onto the bigger pots!

I suggested that it would be great if CND could offer the same size pots for the Solar Butter - the two are just meant to be sold together ;)

Unfortunately, CND don't do them at the moment, but maybe with pressure from the consumers (us ;) ) they might just think again.

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