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TAN*TAN*TAN* :sunny: (tanning bed or booth) It does wonders for excema and psoriasis. I know some people wont like that answer , BUT it truly works. :rainbow:


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Mar 25, 2003
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Read on here, a few weeks ago about Solar Oil being quite good for eczema. Would like to try some on my son, could anyone tell me where I can buy it and how much it costs (also, what its proper use is?)
Thanks :D
Hi Diane,

There are lots of good cuticle oils out there - Solar Oil is one. I regularly use and advise the use of cuticle oil as a skin healer on burns and skin irritations like eczema.

I also use it as a cuticle conditioner and buffing oil (its main uses lol)

When choosing an oil look for good quality ingredients like Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, rice oil etc. A good plus is the scent of it - not everyone likes the smell of marzipan.

Solar oil costs £3.85 for 15ml / £12.75 for 68ml plus VAT
Solar oil costs £3.85 for 15ml / £12.75 for 68ml plus VAT

You can get it from Designer Nails 0800 3160213
SolarOil is a blend of four light botanical oils. Jojoba, Vitimine E. Rice Bran and sweet almond oil. Completely natural.

It is used specifically to soften dry skin around the nail unit and to plasticize the product. BUT it may be used anywhere on the body and the combination of these oils has a natural anti-inflammatory action on any inflammed tissue.

SolarOil is not a cure for excema, BUT it's natural anti-inflammatory properties do have the effect of soothing the redness and the itching thus reducing the itch and the anxiety associated with it.

Many clients with excema have found solarOil to be of tremendous benefit.
It can be purchased in an 8oz salon size bottle. It is not inexpensive, but you will find that a little goes a long way.

Available from Designer Nails (head office) 0113 275 5719 and ask for the person who deals with consumer purchases.
I have problem skin (excema - hands, neck,face & psoraisis on my scalp) & I regularly use my solar oil on excema on my hands, and in particuarly my face. It works wonders, & is much kinder than my steroid cream.
Like Geeg say's, a little does go a long way.
Another thing to try though is to cut down on gluten intake - I have been told this clears it up completely!
Does it help psoriasis?? My boyfriend has it really really badly, and has gone through every damn cream there is! Is using solar oil worth a go? It obviously wont cure it but will it settle it down and relieve it a bit??

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