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Jul 1, 2003
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Houghton-le-spring, Tyne and Wear
Hi Ladies,

Probably a very silly question! At the moment i use mostly the 'Strictly Professional' (left overs from college!) manicure stuff that you can get from any beauty wholesalers but i like the idea of the Solar Manicure that everyone raves about and also feel it would look better, more professional. Can you tell me which items you would recommend me to buy and how to use (what order etc..)? My manicures involve shape, cuticle work, hand & arm massage and polish. I would like to add an exfoliation and possible treatment (have been thinking of paraffin wax) but some sort of mask would be good as well. Told you it was silly!!!

Best wishes Linda :D

P.S. Where do i find out about Scentsations that everyone talks about ? At this rate i'm going to be broke!!!
I call my Solar manicure 'SIMPLY SOLAR'.

I do my cuticle work with Cuticle Eraser and solar Oil, then I exfoliate and massage with SolarManicure. I then pop the hands into hot mitts and leave for about 10mins. This ensures the product works at a deep level. I expect you could also coat the hands in wax too for a similar effect. I then massage the arm and hand. The hands are then washed, squeaked and polished applied. I then massage an application of SolarButter. All finished!

Creative also do pinkie bottles of Solar Oil for retail. they come in packs of 20 or 40. Ive also seen tiny pots of SolarManicure/SolarButter but I think these are only available on seasonal offers.

I love the whole range of Solar products so recommend them all!

Check out for full product descriptions

I'll just point out that, even though the tiny pots of solar manicure say xmas favour in the product guide, they are available now! I got a box of them last week! They are so cute!!!

Sassy xx

P.s I've had my c/cards confiscated by my other half !!! He says I spend too much on creative products, as if !! :rofl:
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