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Mar 3, 2009
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Hi Fellow Salon Owners,

I'm a small salon owner, and after speaking to other salon owners around me; I've come up with a great idea, but need your help to tell me if it is actually a good idea or not.:rolleyes:

I want to set up a beauty salon directory website which is an umberella website where salon owners can join up and when they join they get a sub-website within my directory site. Each salon owner that signs up gets a 5 page website that is interactive, and I will manage their monthly specials change for them on their sub-website each months plus on the front end offer all the latest beauty information for clients who visit the website. I will also do each salon who join my website's email marketing to their customers every months.
So it is a 'done it for you' internet marketing soultion for salon owners and all of them gathered together under one website. This way I figured with the subscription fee each month I will be able to have greater purchasing power for advertising.

Please tell me;
1. Whether you like this website idea/concept?
2. If such a service was to be offered, what would you want it to include?
3. How much would you be willing to pay for this service per month if your total online marketing was taken care of?

I really really appreciate any feedback, comments or ideas you can give me. Thanks in advance for your help!:idea:

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